How to improve your resistance to climatic changes?

How to improve your resistance to climatic changes?
 As we know, people are exposed to changes of mood related to the weather. Exposure to sunlight provides us with vitamin D and this affects the hormonal systems, producing a modification of our endocrine system that is responsible for producing hormones, such as Melatonin or Serotonin. At low serotonin levels we will feel more listless, sad, angry ... and at higher levels, we will feel more joyful, happy and euphoric.
         When spring and summer arrive, the hours of exposure to sunlight increase, there are fewer gray days and, in this way, more serotonin is released and we are happier.
          Some people are affected more intensely by the climate in which they live. But there are ways to improve our disposition towards the climate, to be happier:   
 - Take care of your diet by choosing fresh fruits that provide vitamins, nuts, soy and all foods that contain tryptophan.  
 - Take care of your breathing, taking deep and diaphragmatic breaths from time to time.       
 - Expose yourself to the sun at healthy times (between 9 and 11 in the morning or after 5 in the afternoon)       
 - Meditate, relax, take care that the environment and the atmosphere of your home is warm, bright and pleasant.    

 - Carry out creative activities, leaving free spaces in your agenda just for you. 
 - Enjoy a good shower in a conscious way, paying attention to the pleasant sensations. 

 - Go out to do sports in the open air, meet new people, learn something interesting, definitely practice, those activities that you know help you keep in a good mood. 

 - On the other hand, it is important to avoid substances that disrupt the natural balance of our body such as nicotine, alcohol or excess sugars and calories in meals. 

 - In addition, we will pay more attention to our thoughts, intentionally creating positive thoughts, such as thoughts of gratitude and forgiveness, which will help us to have a greater tolerance for error and frustration. 

 - Finally, the key to success is to dialogue with our thoughts and offer ourselves new possibilities of interpretation that help us, in such a way that, instead of hiding and feeling sad, we decide to dance in the rain! enjoying the sensations that it offers us with our five senses…
Feel Pretty using this tips!
MUJER , give yourself some LOVE 

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