This is ME!

Hello! First, thanks for stopping by and visiting my website. It means a lot to me. And thank you even more for taking a moment to know my story.

I came to United States more than 5 years ago because of my husband’s work and at the beginning it was not easy. I have always been very close to my family and friends. I had my life in Chile. But this country, United States, has given me a lot. It has given me the opportunity of fulfilling one of my dreams. 

About dreams, my first one was to become a mom, and I am a happy proud mom of 4 little boys that takes most of my time, because they are all under 10 (plus my puppy son, Oreo). I love my family more than anything in the world.

Many people ask me why I decided to start a business. And that is the answer: it is one of my Dreams. But, also, because I wanted to help others with my experience.

As I said, been a mom means a lot to me. But also, it meant some insecurities about my body. Because it changed forever. I love my body and I am thankful because it gave me the opportunity of creating life. That is a lot of work! So, after maternity I looked for brands that can offer the same style of my pre-mom-body. And guess what! It was so hard to find stylish, comfortable, modern styles! Sexy, was out of the conversation.

And I realized that there was no one to advise me to accept these changes of my body, and that maybe my size would not be the same, but that did not mean that I am less sexy, or that I can't wear stylish clothes, tight, but that hides the new friends of my body (those little fat that the hours of exercise or diets can’t take off after 40)

So, because of my experience, I decided to find my own clothes, the ones that makes me feel pretty, stylish, but also sexy, without sacrificing quality. And I started shopping my lingerie in Colombia. Then, I found the most amazing Pj’s there, and I realized that if I order more quantity, it was more convenient. And that is the moment when You feel Pretty began to brew in my mind.

About the name, by the time when I decided to start this business the movie “ I feel pretty” was very popular. I loved that movie. The story behind about acceptance motivated me. We must see how beautiful we are. Only in that way, others will be able to appreciate it. That is why I chose that name. What I want to express is that we are what we feel. So, if You feel pretty, then you are.

Today I am thankful for everyone that gave me support, that trusted me. Specially you, reading these lines, makes me happy. Because I will empower more women to fight for their dreams, but feeling beautiful.