How to Choose your Bra?

How to Choose your Bra?


There is a lot of information always on social media about this point. All the info we read is about the size which, although is important, IS NOT ALL. That's why at Youfeelpretty, we give you our tips.


1.- Know How to Measure your Bra.

Measuring the bust is something simple if you do it well and have someone to help you. Before measuring:
    • Do it with a brasier that fits you comfortably and that is no more than one year old, OR without a bra.
    • If you have a centimeters tape measure: Measure under the bust to identify your band measurement. The number that marks the band in centimeters divided in 2 will be your Bra number. For example, if the measurement is 72 centimeters, the bra size will be 36. 
    • If you have an inches tape measure: Using both your band and bust measurements, you can decipher your cup size. Take your bust measurement and subtract your band measurement to find the difference between the two. Once you determine the difference between bust and band, use the chart below to determine your cup size. For each inch, the cup size goes up by a letter.

Ex: If your band measurement is a 42 and your bust measurement is 45 inches, there’s a difference of 3 inches. That 3-inch difference determines your cup size is a C

Consider that the cup must be measured in the fullest part of the bust.

2.- The second point is Know what kind of clothes you are going to wear it with.

Many times we look for a bra for every day, but sometimes we require something for a special occasion like a party or a special night.

Day Style      Luxury Style        Party Style!


3.- Do you suffer from posture problems?

Sometimes we need a bra that gives us more support in the spine. It is very important that the bra in these cases be reinforced, wide in the back and very resistant to help keep the back straight

4.- Are you allergic to any material?

There are people who are allergic to different types of fabric, such as lace. If so, avoid this material and read the bra label to see what  materials is the bra made of.

 5.- Are you looking for firmness?

Women of greater bust require a bra that makes them firmer, and that does not mark the chubby of the back. Low-bust women prefer push ups that increase and center the bust.

Super Firm Bra Bustier Ellipse

6.-Are you looking for more or less bust coverage?

There are people who like a full coverage bra as well as others who prefer triangles that allow you to see more cleavage. We are all different! Here are some ideas that can help you solve this problem.

Hight Coverage Bra Penelope

Greater Cleavage Bra Keid


7.- What time of care can you dedicate to your lingerie?

 Not all bras are machine washable. There are people who,  because of their work do not have time to wash by hand. This is important when defining the budget that we will allocate to our lingerie.


 8.- What about the color? 

It may sound weird, but sometimes we fall in love with a product partly because of its color. Do not make the mistake of buying the same style in all shades because perhaps it does not match the clothes, or we simply do not like how the product looks in more colors.       


Now, are you ready to buy your bra? 

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