What kind of mom are you?

What kind of mom are you?

This Sunday we celebrate mother’s day. I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur, I take care of the house, by these days I am also a teacher! and I try to look for some time to myself.

But my favorite job is to be a mother. Take a look to the different kind of mothers. Which one are you?

1.- Authoritarian mother

The authoritative or democratic mother is the one who is capable of establishing clear norms. They tend to reason in an affectionate and respectful way and trust that the consequences for non-compliance with these rules will be those that drive children's learning. She doesn't impose an order, although she is firm in what she asks of her son, always without ceasing to be affectionate and tender. He does not use fear and punishment, but reasons with the child and listens to his point of view despite disagreeing. It is characterized by having the following attitudes: 

  • Helps children to be independent.

  • Teach children to learn to fend for themselves.

  • She encourages reflection on the negative consequences of actions.

  • She explain to children what is expected of them based on their age and level of maturity.2. Tiger mom

2. Tiger mom

The tiger mother is a very demanding and authoritative mother. She has a personality focused on achieving the perfection of his children from an iron discipline. The standards are not discussed. She is convinced that her way of raising is the guarantee to achieve success in the lives of her children.

As a result of this behavior, children sometimes find themselves in situations where they do not have time to play or to share leisure time with other children their age. The high expectations of the mother only accept an “excellent” in the academic performance or in the complementary activities that the child does.

The mother tiger can achieve an exceptional child in studies or a 'virtuoso' in a sports or artistic practice. You may wonder if your children are happy while achieving those results.


3. Obedient Mom

Among the types of mom, there is one who is permissive and submissive. She is so concerned about being friends with her children that she forgets to exercise her role as mother. She does not establish norms for fear that his children will suffer or be frustrated,

The mother, as a child, may have learned to obey the orders of her mother, so that she became an insecure person. He tends to give in to what his son asks, who little by little becomes more demanding, until he becomes a tyrant.

The child of the obedient mother can come to know no limits. He does not know how to wait, even mistreats and is self-centered, because he gets everything from an obedient mother, who is willing to give everything without this representing any effort or responsibility for the child.


4. Absent Mom

There are mothers who delegate the education and upbringing of their children to third parties. The reasons for their absence are diverse, and although they try to fill the emotional void left by their absence, the truth is that they are not available for when a praise or a reprimand is needed.

From those who have very demanding work hours to support the home, to those who, even being present, do not get involved in raising children.

It can be a woman for whom her schedule, her career, or her lifestyle comes before the needs of her children. Because they do not provide enough emotional support, their children can develop problems in relation to empathy and compassion.

There is not a Perfect Mother. I think you should follow your instincts and try to be the best balance between the different types of mother. The love for our kids will help us in this amazing road of raising in the best way our kids and prepare them to be our best version. 

I love my mom and I try to imitate her best practices. Mom's life is not easy, but if we focus on our children we have a large part of the homework assured. So fight! never give up, MAMA!


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