Preparing your hair for summer

Preparing your hair for summer
During summer time, the exposure to the sun, contact with sea water and chlorine as weather conditions like wind, become in the greatest enemies of your hair. Take note of these tips, Cariño!

1.- Start by cutting the ends. Before summer cut split and weakened ends. This will help the hair to strengthen and look healthier. Pssst…just 2 to 3 centimeters are enough! 

2.-  Apply a specific moisturizing treatment. There are lots of options in the market. But, if you prefer a natural treatment, click here to see some homemade amazing masks. 

3.- Avoid the irons and the dryer. During summer you can let your hair air dry and remove excess moisture with a simple towel. If this option does not convince you, use a good thermal protector for your hair that will help you protect it from the high temperatures of dryers and straighteners.

4. Sunscreen for hair as a new essential. Yes, you must use sunscreen for hair. UV rays can affect the inner and outer layer of the hair follicle, making our hair brittle and fragile. There are currently numerous options on the market and suitable for all hair types. 

5.- Use a hair Serum. This reduces frizz and makes hair look smoother. Hair serums and oils are ideal for dry hair as they help repair and strengthen split ends. Also they provide shine and softness and  prevent static electricity from the first wash. 

6.- Be careful with sea water. Rinse your hair after a day at the beach or pool to remove sea salt or chlorine from the water. Another trick is to wash our hair with cold water to improve blood circulation of the hair, eliminate waste and improve the production of new hair.

7.- Be careful with hair color. Dye your hair for a radiant color before going on vacation? Yes, I want! This is not prohibited, but be careful. If you just want to change your look during your holidays, we recommend a temporary dye that only lasts two or three weeks. During the summer, the hair is more exposed to the sun, so it tends to lighten faster than usual. So, if you want to get dark hair, go for a darker color number than in winter. If you want light tint, do not choose the final color you are looking for, but a darker tint because sun lightens the hair.

8.- Arm yourself with products adapted for summer. Get your shampoo, conditioner and mask in travel format to be able to carry them in your bag without problems on the plane.

What homemade treatments do you recommend us? Let us know here! 

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