Lingerie manual. What should you know?

Lingerie manual. What should you know?


1. Size DOES matter.

The bad choice of bra size is very common in all types of women. The most important thing is to know your contour or band size, more than the cup size. There are different signs that tell us that something is wrong with the size we think is correct:

 - It should not happen that the bust moves too much when walking or that the straps dig into the shoulders.

 - When raising the arms abruptly, the chest should not come out on any side.

 - The wire must always remain under the bust and it must be possible to put more than two fingers in the front area (between the two breasts). 

 - For bikinis or culottes, you must make sure that they correspond to your hip width and that inappropriate marks are not produced.

 2. It must be understood that underwear plays a fundamental role in women.

Not only from a functional point of view, but also because it is something like the 'mold' on which we define how our clothes will look later. It is also key in the role it plays in our femininity and sensuality. Wearing a nice lingerie that makes us feel comfortable makes us project a more confident and feminine attitude. Go for it, BONITA!


3.-  Hand wash is the best alternative to keep underwear in good condition.

Yes, I know this is not fun. The ideal is to do it with cold water, a neutral soap, scrubbing very gently and never wringing the garment, just wrap it in a towel to remove excess moisture. If you prefer to opt for the washing machine, you must use a special bag that protects the underwear inside the machine. The options? A short and delicate wash cycle, with cold water, mild soap and the process to stop when rinsing. And to store it is simple: the panties do not require more than a drawer apart from the rest of the garments and the bras, fastened, must be placed with one cup inside the other, in order to ensure a correct useful life. Or, you can use our Bra organizers.


4.- . Let the fabric be your best friend.

Synthetic options in the manufacture of panties, such as polyester and lace, are usually very beautiful but can cause irritations and prevent the skin in that area from breathing properly, favoring the appearance of infections and health problems. The ideal fabric is still cotton, although some new fabrics also allow to keep the skin free of moisture. The essential thing is to take into consideration that the skin in this area is thinner, so the pants must fit well, never tighten, and the fibers of the garment must not itch or favor humidity. You can try our Panty Shala.

5. Not adapting our underwear to the changes in our own body is another mistake.

Whether due to weight gain or loss, pregnancy, postpartum, or simply the time -where gravity produces its effects-, many women tend to wear the same sizes and models that they used years ago. The body is changing and it is important to modify the models and sizes of our underwear to make sure that it fits us well and that it fulfills its role of modeling and supporting our body. 


6. The underwear is chosen according to the outerwear that you are going to wear.

Women are not yet aware of it. By not internalizing this simple rule, you make mistakes, such as using the strapless bra for day to day. This creates lines that are sometimes disastrous with certain garments such as blouses and fabrics. 

7.- Not using pants that gives us ‘support’ is another mistake.

It is ideal to use for day to day garments that hold well and do not mark, and for other occasions we leave those smallest garments that contain absolutely nothing (neither butt nor abdomen). 

8. Do you change to do sports? If not, start doing it.

The movement caused by exercise can produce pain in the breasts. The best is to know the type of training that will be practiced: it is not the same to jog in the gym for 30 minutes that to run a marathon of several kilometers. The sports bra must not affect the movement of our trunk, or cause discomfort or marks on the skin. Its fabric must dry quickly and, fundamentally: it must be able to reduce rebound, cushioning the sudden movements of the bust. The bra should support and especially if the bust is heavy. 

9. You should not wear the same bra two days in a row.

Stretch fabrics should 'rest'. Its constant use wears out the elastic band more quickly. You should have at least seven bras: two white, two black, two nude and one fantasy; those that are rotated according to the clothes that will be used each day. The nude color, which is one of the most practical, will work as long as the color of the bra is the closest to the natural tone of the skin. 

10. Tight clothing requires plain cup bras, even slightly preformed.

And never forget that the occasion underwear (the high pants that usually contain the abdomen and stylize a party dress, for example) is not for daily use, nor is it suitable for all clothing.

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