End of School year. What is the mom's mood?

End of School year. What is the mom's mood?

Lots of emotions comes to my mind because of the last day of school. My 5 yo twins will start Kinder garden, my 7 yo little boy will go to 2nd grade and my big 9 yo boy will start 4th grade. I am so happy to see them grow up and it makes me so happy that they will FINALLY be all together in the same school and at the same time!

What happens to moms when kids are in vacation? Maybe reading this you will find yourself in this lines.

1.- No more manic mornings. No more, 'have your breakfast '! 'put your shoes on'! 'but you did on the oposite side!' OMG! no more of that for a few weeks!

2.- Late arrival walks of shame... Of course! you can take everything in a slow flow mode.

3.- Those drop-offs and pickups become, well, a lot. So peace out, preschool drop-off. See you in September.

4.- Calendar free for friends! or work! or ... nothing! Because during the school year my agenda is full of kids assessments, playdates, have the food for the exact lunch break...and think what will they have for snack.

5.- Easy breezy weekends. Weekends feel unstructured.  Lazy, cuddly, and slow. Of course there are some events, but that is ocasional.

6.- But...wait! My kids are at home. All-Day-Long. I try my best, but, I am not a teacher!

7.-I am becoming an alcoholic. Yes! Breakfasts throughout the morning, trying to collect them for lunch and listening to endless fights. You can only stand it by starting with your glass of wine around 4 p.m.

8.- And the season of summer camps is officially open. With 4 kids that is something unaffordable. Different ages, different interests, times...I made my choice. Summer camps just for the big ones this year. So, wherever I go I have to bring the other 2 with me!

9.- Park season! I have a big bag in my car full of clothes, sunscreen, beach toys, towels, ready to go.

10.- My kids are growing up. And that is the only thing I can't stop. I can still handle what they eat, dress, play with. But I can stop the time. That is my biggest problem. So, enjoy your kids, because in the blink of an eye they will be thinking of flying away. And that my friend, you can't change it.

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