Colors and emotions

Colors and emotions

Did you know that Colors stimulates emotions such as joy or sadness? Colors can make us feel energetic or relaxed, favor thermal sensations of cold or heat, and also make us perceive order or disorder. Although the perception of color is an individual and subjective process, cultural factors also influence how color affects us. For example, some colors are identified with the masculine and feminine, and others with the romantic.
So amiga, get ready and see how colors can help you managing your emotions!


1. Blue

Inspires tranquility and is relaxing. It gives a feeling of freshness and calm and is associated with the sky and the water. It is synonymous with purity, freedom, harmony, fidelity, seriousness, security, sincerity and loyalty.
2. Green

Represents nature and humanity. On an emotional  level it is the color of balance, hope and growth. In Western culture, it also represents money and financial security. Now, on a negative way, this is the color of poison, jealousy and the demonic

3. Violet

  Violet has long been associated with royalty, as it is wrapped in an air of luxury. It has been widely used in painting to give a feeling of elegance. The lighter shades of purple evoke spring and romance. The darkest ones attract mystery, and can even symbolize creativity. Individuals who wear a garment of this color tend to project that they are empathetic and affective people, with artistic and creative tendencies

4. Red

This color is related to appetite, but it is also the color of dominance. With this color it is possible to go to both extremes: that of love and that of war. The lighter shades emphasize the energetic aspects of red, including youth, while the darker ones are associated with power.

5. Pink

No one can doubt that pink is associated with the feminine, but also with friendship, pure love or delicacy. It is a color that inspires calm, relaxes and is romantic. It is also associated with sugar and is used to give a sweet sensation and is a color that is related to childhood.
6. White 

White is the color of relaxation par excellence, and inspires purity, peace, innocence and cleanliness. It is a color that can be used for tranquility, serenity and purifies the mind.        

7. Black 

This color conveys elegance, sobriety and formality. Black can seem distant and has some negative elements associated with it, because it is the color of death and destruction. It also awakens some negative emotions, such as despair, sadness, melancholy, unhappiness or irritability. It is the color of the mysterious and the hidden.        

8. Gray 

Gray is considered a neutral color, which has balance, order, respect and elegance. However, it is also associated with mediocrity or decrepitude. Light gray gives peace, tenacity and tranquility.      

9. Orange 

Orange is the color of action, movement and excitement. It is a cheerful color, which increases optimism and confidence. It is also associated with lust or sensuality. However, too much orange seems to increase anxiety.

Dress with the color that makes your mind happy today!


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