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Welcome to our blog! This is my first time doing something that I love, but never  did before for other people: Write! But since we are working on getting our best side out, here I go.

Today I want to give you valuable information when choosing your lingerie. Pay attention, since we all love being women, and our lingerie is an important part of our femininity.

What are the essentials in my closet?

One thing is certain: We are all different, we come from different cultures and have different tastes. But I feel that there is something that unites us: We all seek to feel beautiful, comfortable, and safe. Therefore, here is my list of must-haves.

1. Bra: There are many styles depending on the type of bust, the occasion and the personality. But we have filled ourselves with thousands of names that can sometimes make our decision to buy difficult. Here are my tips: 

- If you have small bust, don't worry. You have the possibility to choose a beautiful design over a product that focuses on giving greater support. You can use wireless and padded products. I recommend the Strapless, Halter, Bralette (they do not have a cup or wire). You can also use a padded or Push up bra.      


- If what you want is firmness, I recommend you the Bustier. They are perfect to give greater support and if they have a wide base, even better, since they help to hide that love handles that we usually do in the back under the bra straps. Also, a Racerback Bra is a good alternative since they are usually fastened at the front giving greater support by having the straps crossed in the back. A full cup bra will help you feel more comfortable and secure.

What should you not use? Avoid strapless (unless it is a full Corset).  


2.- Panty: Today we hear countless names as in the case of the Bra, which stresses us when buying. Therefore, here I give you my advice depending on the objective when buying a panty.

- If you are looking to hide the abdomen, you can use a high panty that has an elastic under the fabric in the front. It helps to affirm from the high part of the waist, stylizing the silhouette and reducing a few pounds.




 - If you like to wear low waist pants, I recommend choosing a Brazilian or a Hipster that can’t be seen over your pants or skirt.




 - If you wear light and tight pants or skirt, choose a Thong, String or a seamless style.



- If you prefer styles that gives you more coverage, just ask your favorite Brazilian or Culotte.



3.- Lingerie Set: It is always important to have a nice lingerie set to wear under a dress or shirt that has transparency, or for a special night, or just for fun! The important thing is that it has a beautiful design and fabric that does not disturb the design of the garment that you will wear on it. Sometimes we realize that we buy beautiful lingerie products and keep them in store for that day. Which one? Today!!



 4.- Bodysuit: It's back! Do you remember some years ago when bodysuits were fashionable but, at least I, did not consider them comfortable? They were tremendously tight and I didn’t feel that it made me look more stylized. Today, this garment is back in glory and majesty totally renewed, with spectacular designs, soft fabrics, which make it a must to wear not only under clothes but also to accompany your favorite Jeans or, why not, a long skirt. Dare yourself! In this season you can look for long sleeve models in incredible fabrics and styles!       


5.- Midi dress: A midi dress is any dress that falls below the knee and above the ankle "mid-calf", hence its name. The difference between a midi dress and a maxi dress is that a maxi dress falls below this point, either at the ankle or at the floor. This garment has been in fashion for some time. Today it is important since it allows you to use it at home or to go out when combined with a belt and some nice shoes or boots.


6.- Pajamas: Either a set of shorts or pants and a shirt, a silk shirt, or a Baby doll. The important thing is that you feel very comfortable. This is your comfortable garment. Which does not mean that it cannot be sensual and stylish!! Today a pajama is an accessory, we not only use it to sleep but to be at home comfortably.


I would love to hear from you. What garment is a must in your closet?



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