About us


 You Feel Pretty was born on 2019. This adventure means many things for Patricia Hayal, its founder.  Professional in the banking area in Chile, she left her country in 2016 following her husband who moved to work in the US. With 4 young children, she left behind the high heels to dedicate herself to her family.

When she had more time to resume her working life, she decided for the first time to make a start up. Lover of gastronomy, crafts and lingerie, she opted for the last one to start her own business.

She contacted different Colombian lingerie brands, thinking first of all about the quality of the products, to later include pajamas and swimwear.

This year started hard, and has continued to be difficult for all emerging companies. But being true to what she wants to inspire in women, she trusts her vision. That is why she has concentrated even more on getting to interpret the feelings of each woman today, under the new world scenario.