No IG, No FB! No whats app! Let's see the glass half full.

Today, I woke up like everyday at 6 AM. I took my phone BEFORE waking up the kids to school to check if there were orders in my stores, or new followers in social media, or messages from my family in Chile. BIG SURPRISE: ZERO!
First thought was OMG! what happened? why this is all down, I need to work! I have been spending time making reels and stories to grow my audience, giving so much time to something I love that is my job but, my kids miss me!
Same as with COVID, we learn with falls. And in the same way that happened with the pandemic in which we learned to value life and take care of ourselves and others, today we learned to live as our parents did: without social networks.
So, today one of my boys was a little sick to go to school and I decided to spend time with him. I mean, REAL TIME. No phone, no social media, nothing. And GOD, this was the best morning in a long time. Giving him real time made me feel complete, like proud of myself as a mother.

We had lunch together, bought some candy, we laugh, we talk. My 5 year old son was so happy. And so was I.

As I love writing I decided to share this experience with my community. I invite you to enjoy your families, friends, in person, with skin caresses, not with emoticons, not with virtual hearts. Let's hug each other, let's say "I love you" live because that "I love you" is the one that counts; our faces have no filters. If we are far away, let's talk on the phone, instead of just texting each other. Because no social media can replace a touch, a kiss a hug a voice or a face. 
Have a great week!