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How to be at home and not die trying?

These are hard days for all of us, without precedent in the modern days, at least in our lifetime. First, I want to state for the sake of this paragraphs, that I believe in some stereotypes: I believe in beauty, and for some of us within a right balance, is key for our self-esteem and health. I write this post, for those that at certain degree share this thought.

 Most of us, have faced in the past weeks the uncertainty of having to be at home. For some of us, may be the first time that we may have to spend so much time in real conditions -no vacation- with the ones we love. For some of us, that means husbands, lovers, our couples, our kids, our parents or relatives.

In my case, this means husband and kids. I want to share some thoughts and learnings to the fellow reader that may be in a similar situation. Personally, I believe we have to dedicate time in our day to nurse beauty in different domains: 

  1. I believe that a good balance and a happy life starts by taking care of myself. Book time for you. You may start with half hour and grow it from there. Identify what makes your body happy, may be a good shower, put cream in yourself, do your hair, your nails, or do exercise. I do exercise on a regular and scheduled basis, that makes my body and soul feel free.
  1. The second step is to take care of your environment. I dedicate time to my house. I love taking care of plants, water them every other day, and I love to see all well organized and in place. To me the space I’m in reflects the state of my mind.
  1. The third step is to take care of my love ones:
  • I have a big family with boys under seven years old, so that means cooking (fortunately that is kind of a therapy for me). I have to study with them and try to have quality mom-child time.
  • I have extended family living abroad, so that means to keep in contact with them on a regular basis, specially at this time. I use technology to connect with them, and while some people say this make people more distant, is the only way we have to keep connected, even with friends.
  • Friends are an important part of my life. I also make Zoom meetings with them; we talk and share experiences about children and lifestyle.
  • Your couple, partner or lover. In my case is my husband. He is lucky enough to be able to work from home amidst this crisis. Working from home, is not as romantic and ideal as we previously thought. Home, with kids all day in, has become a stressful place to be, loud and continuously messed out by them. I have noticed him and me more stressed, and from conversation with friends and what is available in the internet, we are not the only ones. Being aware of this, we need to work consciously to reduce the stress levels. One way I constantly practice in this new reality, is to be and feel beautiful. There is where my PJ’s and Lingerie comes to play J, even when you don’t go out as you normally would do.
  • And of course, all of us still need to eat, clean, wash our clothes, dress, etc. Online stores are trying to work normally, but this virus is making things really hard. There are still things we need to go and buy, as stock management in stores is challenging for goods with high demand and poor supply.

One thing that will never change is that I am first of all, a WOMAN. I am also a MOTHER and a WIFE. By these days, as many of you, I am also a teacher. I also need to give quality time to my pet and work from home.

This is not easy, not for me, not for anybody.

 So, give yourself some quality moments if you want to give quality time to the people you love. Love yourself, respect your gender, so you will BE for the rest.


Feel pretty, feel WOMAN.


 My tips for Valentine's Day.

First of all, we are all women, but we are all different. For this special day we want to feel beautiful, sweet, but sexy. So, here are some tips I think you should consider...

1. Feel comfortable! Use something that fits you, on your size, in your particular style.You are beautiful the way you are.

2. Be yourself! Confidence is sexy.

3. Look for the color that highlights your skin color.

4. Pick out something you both mutually love.

5. Be playful and festive.

6. Invest in something new. Surprise him!

7. Stay true to your style. He loves you the way you are!


 How can you know your bra size? 

  • Measuring your Band Size: Stand in front of a large mirror wearing your best-fitting non-padded bra. Wrap a soft measuring tape around the bottom band, right under your bust. The measuring tape should be parallel to the ground and lay gently on top of your body without being too snug or loose.

Hint: Round your measurement to the nearest whole number. Ex. 29.5 should be rounded up to 30. Match your measurement to the chart above to determine your band size.

  • Measuring your Cup Size:Wearing the same bra, keep the tape around your back at band level, measure at the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape isn't too tight by taking a full breath in and exhaling so the tape falls to its most comfortable-yet-fitted position.

Hint: If the measurement falls on the half inch, round up to the nearest whole number. Once you've got your band and cup measurements, simply subtract your band size from your cup size. Take the difference between the numbers and match it to the chart above to determine your cup size. For example we are going to use a woman with a 34" band size and a 37" cup size. 37-34 = 3. According to the chart above, our woman would be a 34 C. 

This are the Size Charts of our Brands. 







What is your best lingerie color?

Consider this: You take your coloring into account when you buy a shade of lipstick, a foundation, a pair of sunglasses, or a cocktail dress. So why should lingerie be any different?When you’re eyeing a stunning satin demi-cup bra or a lace babydoll, you obviously need to know your size to ensure it fits flawlessly. But you might also want to know which colors will be most flattering on your skin.  Color can make a massive difference in ensuring that your lingerie highlights your natural beauty. And while you could obviously stick to safe colors that work for everyone (like neutrals), that would probably get pretty boring. So, how can you figure out which hues will work best for you? Here’s how to take your eyes, skin, and hair into account in choosing the hues most suited to your unique coloring: 

  • Eye Color

When choosing a lingerie color, you definitely shouldn’t overlook your eyes. They are the windows to the soul, after all — and the right shades can draw attention to them.If you have brown eyes, rich shades of purple and green can really make your peepers pop.You can accentuate blue eyes by wearing shades of gray or — no surprise here — blue! You could also try wearing complementary colors — a deep peach or terracotta will definitely make your blue eyes stand out.Ladies with green or hazel eyes may want to try wearing red. Since it’s an opposing hue on the color wheel, the contrast will bring out the striking green in your eyes. Earth tones also look incredible on women with hazel eyes.

  • Hair color

You may want to take your tresses into consideration, too.For blondes, the most obvious choice may be pastels. Soft shades of blue, pink, green, and lavender can compliment light hair quite nicely. Be careful not to go for shades that are too light, as they may wash you out.That doesn’t mean blondes have to stick with pale hues, either. A true crimson red can look undeniably eye-catching on a blonde, for example.Whereas light colors work well for blondes, they tend to fall a little flat on those with brown hair. So brunettes may want to opt for richer, stronger colors, like jewel tones. Emerald green, eggplant, navy blue, and burgundy all look fabulous on women with brown hair.As for redheads, black and pure white will allow your vibrant locks to shine, but you can still certainly opt for a little color. For example, olive green and teal both complement a red mane flawlessly.

  • Skin color

Arguably, your complexion is the most important factor to consider in choosing lingerie colors — after all, lingerie is right up against your skin, so you definitely want it to complement the tone!Women with alabaster complexions may want to stick with pastels. Deeper tones can also work to achieve a more dramatic look. Avoid neon hues or anything too close to your skin tone.Have olive or tan skin? Complement the warm undertones in your complexion with rich colors like rust or forest green.Those with dark skin can get away with pastels and darker tones alike. But brighter hues will really pop against deeper complexions.Now that you know which lingerie colors are best for your coloring, it’s time to take stock of your current collection. Do you have pieces that are going to accent your skin, hair, and eyes to their advantage? Remember: The color of a bra, panty, or another piece can play a massive role in just how jaw-droppingly gorgeous it looks on you. So next time you’re shopping for some new underthings, don’t forget to think about your own unique coloring in selecting the perfect hues.


Ayra Lingerie care

  1. Wash by hand or delicate cycle in the washing machine. If you use a washing machine, use the bag that we give you with your garment to avoid damaging the fabric. It is not advisable to wash the garment without the bag, the fabric can be damaged.

  2. Use liquid soap for delicate clothes.

  3. Do not use bleach

  4. Do not use dryer

  5. Do not use iron

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